A Virtual Tour While We’re Away

When we open again, I will look forward to the pleasure of giving tours of the picturesque, historic house that is home to the Wellness House of Annapolis.  Janet Richardson-Pearson and Bill Pearson have graciously donated the use of this lovely structure since 2009, located on a portion of their horse farm property on Mas Que Farm Road.

This two-story white frame farm house has a front door but the actual entrance is from the parking area through an attractive garden or by ramp to a covered porch with pink cushioned wicker rocking chairs and inviting decor. Once inside, noticeable warmth emerges from the welcoming staff and members, original deep hardwood floors, comfortable seating, country kitchen, as well as a delightful screened-in porch for relaxing and savoring the views, like this:

On the second floor there are several rooms. One serves as an office for staff, and two others provide private space for practitioners who volunteer their skills with Reiki, healing touch, reflexology, and general massage. The largest room is used for support group meetings and all types of activities including yoga, art, music, jewelry making classes, and game time. This rectangular space is brightened by large windows bringing in the sun and showing magnificent vistas of the property. 

A remarkable feature on two of the walls is a hand-painted mural by local artist, Sharon Hayes. Her mural brings the outdoors inside. It’s the actual view from the window recreated in rich colors. It reflects rolling green pastures with horses grazing and bright white rail fences snaking around the site and along the gravel road. Butterflies, turtles, and birds come alive. There is a cherry blossom tree that Sharon kept perfecting, even when others thought she had finished. As a talented medical illustrator, she certainly paid attention to detail. She had lost her father to cancer and I was told that working on this mural project was therapeutic for her. Sharon spent many hours creating this work of art, while feeling the heartbeat of Wellness House.

Speaking of art, Paul (my husband) and I have enjoyed our first two sessions of Zentangle® Meditative Art on Zoom with Dawn Schulman. If you haven’t heard of this type of meditative art, be assured that you don’t have to be an artist to feel the joy of creating dazzling designs. With only a pen,  pencil, and a square of paper, it’s an amazing outlet for when you’re stressed – or just to take time to quiet your thoughts and regain your inner peace after a long day. Try it with our Wellness House community some time, the next online class will be held in a few weeks (see the Wellness House calendar here). And if you’re interested in getting started before then, see below a recorded guided Zentangle practice for whenever suits you best.

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Picture of Lois Villemaire

Lois Villemaire

Lois Villemaire is a dear friend of Wellness House of Annapolis. She came to know our community first as a caregiver for her sister who fought and sadly lost her battle with cancer, then as a caregiver for her husband who is a cancer survivor. She has graciously given her time as a House Hostess since, always glad to help us welcome members old and new into our community. When she is not volunteering at the Wellness House, Lois can be found writing for the Annapolis Discovered blog, discovering new and intriguing books, and critiquing the latest movies with her husband Paul.