Wellness Rising is a podcast that invites you to explore health and wellness beyond a cancer diagnosis, featuring expert guests from the fields of mental, physical and spiritual wellness.

Brad Masters
The Mood Center
Wellness Rising welcomes Brad Masters of the Mood Center in Annapolis, who talks about the ways ketamine therapy can be used to improve the health of people in physical, emotional and psychological pain.

Dr. Carol Tweed
Maryland Oncology Hematology
Dr. Liz Nichols 
Maryland Proton Treatment Center
Dr. Tweed and Dr. Nichols discuss working together to bring the best coordinated personal care with systemic & radiation treatments to fight cancer.

Emma Rogers
Licensed Clinical Social Worker and Equine Gestalt Coach
Emma talks about the special ability of horses to help with individual and group therapy and coaching… even with issues like cancer.

Rev. John Crestwell
Unitarian Universalist Church
Join Reverend Crestwall as he talks about his cancer journey, spirituality, and why he’s invested in facilitating the Prayer Circle group at the Wellness House.

Tunde Farrell
Cancer Warrior
Tunde is on a mission to dismiss the stigma that surrounds anal cancer. Join us as she discusses her diagnosis, treatment, and life during recovery with humor and directness.

Jean Anne Walsh
Certified Wellness & Nutrition Coach & HeartMath Trainer
Learn ways HeartMath can help people with serious health issues use heart-focused breathing techniques to calm both mind and body.

Liz Hutchison
Triage Nurse, Maryland Oncology Hematology
Learn about “National Healthcare Decisions Day,” which promotes establishing an individual’s advance directives, or guidelines for treatment, in the case of an injury or illness leaving them unable to make care decisions.

Dr. Matthew Ferris
Associate Professor of Radiation Oncology
University of Maryland Medical School
Dr. Ferris talks about Proton Therapy which treats many cancers with a stream of protons in a controllable dose, limiting radiation exposure to surrounding parts of the body, and lowering the overall damage and improves future outcomes.

Maryland Oncology Hematology
Wellness House of Annapolis revisits some great interviews with physicians and experts from Maryland Oncology Hematology, and picks out some wonderful highlights to share with you.

Courtney Capece
Integrative Nutrition Health Coach Committed Change Health and Wellness
Courtney brings food strategies and integrative health practices for those with cancer and the broader community.

Terry Levitan
Registered Nurse and Co-owner, Annapolis Crystals Shop
Terry talks about the use of various types of crystals to support health issues like cancer, as well as emotional health and life goals.

Dr. Sarah McAvoy
Associate Professor of Radiation Oncology, University of Maryland School of Medicine
Learn about how the use of Proton Radiation Therapy allows a more targeted treatment of a section of cancerous tissue, reducing the risk of radiation damage to the surrounding tissue and organs.

Eden Davis
Registered Dietitian/Nutritionist
Pearl Wellness
Eden talks about the signs of eating disorders, how they might present in cancer patients, and how they’re treated.

Kamala Stevenson
Occupational Therapist
NovaCare and ReVital Cancer Rehabilitation
Kamala s patients regain essential functions and achieve physical goals during a cancer treatment journey.

Dr. Erin Kinney
Dr. Kinney helps her patients become more knowledgeable about their bodies, allowing them to find paths toward natural healing.

Meghan Siegel
Child Life Specialist
Wellness House Volunteer
Meghan discusses the best way for a parent with cancer to talk with their children about their illness.

Erica Steurnagel
Physical Therapist and Program Director
ReVital Cancer Rehabilitation
Learn how a planned rehab and exercise regimen allows a cancer patient to both achieve their personal activity goals, and also have a greater chance of successful treatment.

Dr. Benjamin Bridges
Maryland Oncology Hematology
Dr. Bridges talks about the world of cancer research and treatment, and using supportive and alternative treatments to aid patients with cancer.

Patty Horning
Physical Therapist & Program Director
ReVital Cancer Rehabilitation
Learn about the focused and integrated programs that give cancer patients a way to choose physical therapy and exercise that fits their activities and goals.

Courtney Capece
Integrative Nutrition Health Coach, Committed Change Health & Wellness
Courtney brings food strategies and integrative health practices for those with cancer and the broader community.

Gwenn Marie
Certified Breath Coach
Wellness House of Annapolis Volunteer
Gwenn offers easily mastered breathing tools to reduce our daily stress and increase our well being.

Shane Hall
Compass Realty
Shane explains how he became aware of the Wellness House, and why he promotes and donates to support its work as a way of contributing to the Anne Arundel County community.

Liz Hutchison
Triage Nurse, Maryland Oncology Hematology
Learn about “National Healthcare Decisions Day,” which promotes establishing an individual’s advance directives, or guidelines for treatment, in the case of an injury or illness leaving them unable to make care decisions.

Dr. Niroshi Rajapakse
Luminous Health’s Gilchrest Life Institute
Join this discussion about the depth and breadth of elder care, with a spotlight on palliative care, hospice & the importance of creating end-of-life preferences and directives while you’re still healthy and clear.

Deb Dey
Oncology Social Worker
Jackie Shanahan
Oncology Nurse Navigator
Maryland Oncology Hematology
Join Deb and Jackie as they discuss dealing with cancer during the holidays.

Dee Schatz
Reiki Master and Owner,  Divine Energy
Dee speaks about the ways that reiki can help anyone with energy and health.

Megan Solinger
Director of Provider Relations & Patient Navigation, Ulman Foundation
Learn about preserving fertility through cancer and cancer treatment.

Christine Hunt
Life Wellness Coach
Certified EFT and Matrix Re-imprinting Practitioner
Christine outlines Emotional Freedom Technique and how it promotes health and well-being. 

Honoring Amanda Wilkens  and her family
We feature the story of Amanda and honor her memory by providing free child-oriented books about the cancer journey to hospitals and treatment centers. Guests: Rhona Hayes, Kara Barger, Alana Vanhorn, and Wellness House Oncology Social Worker Megan Cannone.

Liane Lewis
Wellness House Member and Mom
Join Liane as she shares her cancer journey and her new Wellness House discussion group, Healing in Color.

Dr. Katerina Tsiapali
Director, Capital Region Breast Program
Associate Professor of Surgery at the University of Maryland School of Medicine
Dr. Tsiapali speaks about breast health, breast cancer, new paradigms in care, and reaching out and caring for the underserved.

Dr. Kathy Parmele
ER Physician
Institute of Functional Medicine Certified Practitioner
Daniel Wellington
Wellness House Member
Join us for a discussion on developing a natural plan to battle disease.

Monique Willingham
Nurse Practitioner
Founder of Remedy Green
Gain an understanding of  Maryland’s medical cannabis system.

Janelle Swartz
Wellness House of Annapolis’ Counseling and Support Manager
Megan Siegel
Certified Child Life Specialist
Join Janelle and Megan as they discuss counseling for adults and kids going through a cancer situation.

Tina Hinchman
Certified Personal Trainer, Health Coach, and Integrative Nutritionist
Tina discusses the importance of creating a wellness plan to help battle diseases like cancer.

Mary Bello
Luminis Health Senior Manager for Physician Relations
Learn about the importance of doctor/patient/facility communication.

Ashley Johnson
Chesapeake Caregiving Lead Coordinator
On National Caregiver’s Month, we talk about avoiding burnout by utilizing the caregiving support services available in the community.

Debbie Dey
Maryland Oncology Hematology Social Worker
Jackie Shanahan
Nurse Navigator
Join us as Debbie and Jackie discuss their roles in helping cancer patients deal with the logistics and emotional issues of care and treatment.

Jake Tribull
College Student
Wellness House Member/Volunteer

Jake talks about dealing with the stress & logistics of supporting a loved one with cancer.

Marna Ross
Positive, Intuitive Energy Practitioner
Learn about using energy healing to complement traditional medicine & in daily life.

Liz Carren
Artist & Cancer Thriver
Join Liz as she talks about the power of using art to channel or express feelings and ideas during a cancer fight.

Dr. Adam Goldrich
Maryland Oncology Hematology
Dr. Goldrich discusses cutting edge cancer treatments, how to find a great oncologist, and the value that comes with treating the whole person, as well as the illness.

Phebe Duff
Mindfulness-based Stress Reduction Instructor, Meditation Leader
A volunteer practitioner at Wellness House, Phebe speaks about how she trains cancer patients to utilize these skills to increase their well-being.

Dr. Benjamin Bridges
Maryland Oncology/Hematology
Dr. Bridges talks about the world of cancer research, treatment, and using supportive & alternative treatments to aid patients with cancer.

Teri Jacobson
Advanced Illness & End-of-Life Doula
Learn about the strategies, tools and mindset of those facing life-threatening and terminal disease.

Dr. Kelly Sullivan
Plastic & Reconstructive Surgeon
Founder, Wellness House
Join Dr. Sullivan as she talks about the principles and goals she set while putting together a non-profit organization supporting cancer patients.

Dr. Carol Tweed
Oncologist & Researcher Maryland Oncology & Hematology
Learn about new individual treatment therapies for cancer patients.


Dr. Sherry Cormier
Psychologist & Author 
Join us as we speak with the author of “Sweet Sorrow: Finding Enduring Wholeness after Loss and Grief.”