Volunteer at the Wellness House

We are extremely grateful to our team of over 200 selfless volunteers  – certified instructors, licensed counselors, house volunteers, and more – who make our free services  to the community possible.

Volunteer Opportunities

                  One of the greatest gifts                                    you can give is your time. 

Some volunteer opportunities include:                                                                                                                                                                   Paraprofessional and Professional Practitioners                                           Licensed and certified professionals offer their services, on a voluntary  basis, for our members.  Examples include: Meditation, Music, Art, Distance Energy Work,  Laughter Therapy, but the possibilities are limitless!

Administrative Support
Data entry, scanning, electronic filing, follow-up phone calls, scheduling celebration emails, and  ZOOM meeting support, if you love supporting an administrative role, we need your help! Most of these tasks can be supported from the comfort of your own home, all that is needed is a computer and internet access.  

All Wellness House programs are currently offered via Zoom. Some of our classes occasionally require materials to be delivered to members homes. These deliveries would be contactless, and items would be delivered to the front door. Delivery areas include the following counties: Anne ArundelPrince George, and Howard.

Prayer Chain Support
Wellness House understands the need for connection and positivity. That type of support comes in many forms and we want to embrace them all! Prayer Chain Volunteers offer positive energy to those who need it.

Wellness House Well-Wisher
Sometimes you just need someone to talk to, or someone to listen. Well-Wishers connect with members over the phone to provide kindness and compassion. 

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