Group Rules and Guidelines


    • Participation is voluntary.
    • Remaining silent during the group is okay. 
    • Sharing personal information, including your name or other information is not required. 
    • Speaking time will be shared between all participants.
    • Speakers will yield to the floor to make sure there is enough time for all members to contribute.


    • Maintain the confidentiality of the group; i.e., do not share any personal information about any member with other members, individuals, or organizations, unless given permission by the individual. 
    • Join from a location where confidentiality and privacy can be respected with earphones and turning screens away or video off where appropriate. 
    • Be mindful to not include family or friends who might be in earshot but are not participating in the group. 
    • Wellness House staff maintains demographic and membership information which is available to group leaders only.


    • Accept members, where they are, without making judgments. 
    • Avoid potentially offensive or triggering language. 
    • When an individual participant has more to share on a particular occasion, avoid interrupting.  
    • Mute your microphone when you are not speaking. 
    • Share your own experience without giving medical or other technical advice.  
    • Actively listen to each other and provide feedback through body language, encouraging statements, and questions.


    • Attendance is optional. 
    • Let the Wellness House staff or facilitator know if you can no longer attend.* 
    • Be prepared to begin and end our meetings on time. 
    • Let the facilitator* know if you are going to be late (no more than 10 minutes please).

Outside Interactions 

    • Outside contact between members is fine.
    • Refrain from referring to the Wellness House or implying any association when forming other groups.

We encourage you to reach out to the group facilitator or Wellness House staff with comments, suggestions, or concerns about the group, the group process, or the group leader.  

Before deciding this group isn’t for you, we do ask that you attend at least two meetings. If the needed support cannot be accommodated within the group session such that all members have an opportunity to participate, the facilitator will provide support to the group member individually outside of the group. 

* Email us with any questions or concerns at: