“For nearly a decade, my patients have been part of the Wellness House family and community.”

Dr. Carol Tweed, Maryland Oncology Hematology

That is just one of the many reasons she is looking forward to formalizing the partnership between Maryland Oncology Hematology and the Wellness House of Annapolis.

“Quite frankly, as dedicated as we are to the patients,” Dr. Tweed says, “as oncologists we cannot fill these gaps due to being in a clinical setting. Instead, we are focused on medical discussions so often that we really can’t fill these non-medical gaps.”

Dr. Tweed started her journey in oncology, growing up in a household of scientists in a small community in West Virginia. Her town had a beloved, favorite oncologist, and many needing medical guidance related to cancer went to him. What inspired her most was his decision to return to his hometown to serve his community after he completed his medical and oncology education. She describes this as something very special and rare. After spending one day with this incredible man, she was inspired to pursue a medical career in oncology because she understood the impact she could have on people’s lives.

While in high school, Dr. Tweed’s own father was diagnosed with cancer, and she came to the realization that many of the doctors were not bringing enough resources to the table for his treatment. She describes another experience from her high school days, where she was motivated by an article written by a doctor who explained the process of something called apoptosis. This critical process involves the death of cells within an organism that occurs as part of its normal growth and development. He went on to explain that if someone could figure out how to kill cancer cells through natural apoptosis, they would be able to cure cancer.

The culmination of these events in her life ultimately led to her career as an active clinical researcher and principal investigator on numerous national and international clinical trials, and as an oncologist at Maryland Oncology Hematology. Because of her personal experiences, Dr. Tweed brings a unique perspective to her own patients. She understands the significance of the offerings of Wellness House as they complement her medical care. She fondly describes an experience with families who responded to her suggestion to contact Wellness House, where they received support and comfort and the much-needed counseling and respite care.

“The Wellness House offers all of the facets of support that oncologists and oncology clinics [don’t typically] offer a patient, no matter how dedicated or invested we are in their care. It offers a lot of the heart, counseling, advice, and input of other patients and family members who have been through this… as well as so many resources for patients’ family members that really help a patient feel supported as they go through this difficult process.”

Wellness House of Annapolis is not just a place, but also a concept that offers a broad and rather complex support system for individuals diagnosed with cancer. Whether it’s the physical programs, including yoga classes, healing touch and massage to name a few, or the individual and family counseling sessions, Wellness House is a safe space where patients and family members can rely on for years after cancer treatment.

Wellness House is enthusiastically looking forward to our new partnership with Maryland Oncology Hematology where we can continue to fill the gaps in services not being filled by medical facilities. These services are essential for the overall wellness of the individuals and families experiencing a cancer diagnosis.

Dr. Carol Tweed has been an oncologist for over 15 years and with Maryland Oncology Hematology since October of 2020. She attended Duke University, where she graduated summa cum laude with a degree in Biology, and a concentration in molecular biology. She received her medical degree from Washington University in St. Louis and completed her Internal Medicine Residency and Hematology/Oncology Fellowship at the University of Pennsylvania.