When I was growing up, my mother often took us to the public library. She was an energetic reader and encouraged us to borrow lots of books. We would haul them to the check-out desk, creating a huge pile. I couldn’t wait to get home and start reading.

When visiting my grandparents, there was a bookshop across the street from their house. My grandmother would sometimes allow us to choose a brand new book as a special treat. One time I remember selecting a book of short stories and poems for children. It was a favorite for years.

Bookclubs are a valuable way for readers to get more involved and explore their love of books. I’ve been in three bookclubs and have found that the experience is enriching for many reasons including:

  1. Reading books that you might not have otherwise chosen.
  2. Creating friendships with other readers.
  3. Finding and sharing favorite authors.
  4. Discovering the opportunity to talk about books and exchange ideas.
  5. Being part of the book selection process.
  6. Discussion often leads to interesting topics beyond the book itself.

Wellness House has a thriving monthly bookclub that has been in operation for five years. It’s open to all members, including survivors, caregivers, family members, and volunteers. Books are chosen by members and include both fiction and nonfiction. It’s a friendly group, and everyone has a chance to participate in the conversation.

Even during these challenging months while the House has been closed, the book club has not missed a beat. Meetings, which are held regularly on the third Monday of each month at 6pm, have been happening successfully on Zoom. Logging in from home is easy and we are still able to enjoy and experience the bond of being together and talking about books.